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Excellent ring replacement

I have a titanium wedding ring, which is hard-wearing and looks good a little battered. However, given the risk of degloving (do not google) I wanted something a little safer on my hands in case of injury. I'm also allergic to bee stings, and there was a rush to get my ring off the last time I was stung.

I decided to try a silicone ring and have been really pleased with it. I went for the Charcoal colour and it looks good - maybe a bit darker than my proper ring. It is stretchy, very comfortable and good value to replace if it breaks. I measured my ring size by all three methods, an all three were different. I plumped for existing ring width and it fits perfectly (even stretching over my lumpy knuckles).

Only three downsides: firstly, it gets a bit sweatier than a metal ring, but it is easy to clean. Secondly, it's not as much fun to spin on your finger, and thirdly, it would be better if it was a slight court style on the inside as the inner edges are noticeable occasionally.

Overall I am really happy, and despite those downsides, I would heartily recommend it to anyone who is even moderately active. I can't say about longevity, but I will no doubt replace it when it eventually breaks.

Good quality

Good quality socks, feels good when running with my vapourflys as they’re sized up to allowing for swelling during a marathon so the grip on the socks stop my feet from slipping around a bit in the shoe. Only slight problem is that the socks only came in one size, 4-12 maybe and I’m a 13 so they’re slightly on the small size but still ok.

Silicon Black Ring

Bought to stop my late husbands wedding ring falling off my thumb. It looks good next to it. Very comfortable. I forget I’m wearing it. Better quality than other silicon rings online.

Too tight - but had another in same size and is OK..??

Have made contact regarding the grey/green ring, but yet to receive feedback - waiting almost 2 weeks! Bought 2 rings in the same size, one fits nice, the other is too tight..........
Response to contact should be quicker!

Excellent ring

After having a stroke I have fat fingers (cant use my right arm/hand) so they are perfect thanks


Love the new ring, great for at work and the gym. Fits perfectly as well, very happy.

So comfortable

Got this ring for a safety thing really, both my jobs are not finger friendly .We buy and sell roofing slates and several times fingers have been squashed between large slates. My second job is a divemaster resulting in being in the water most of the day I’ve lost rings in the sea on a couple of occasions. But I do like to wear my wedding ring and this is perfect 🤩

Replaced lost wedding ring

Since I received my wedding ring replacement, I’ve been very impressed with its durability and comfiness.
Would definitely recommend to anyone who doesn’t like the usual wedding ring.


Ordered a size 6 ladies active silicone ring in purple and I absolutely love it. The size fits perfectly and it feels really comfortable to wear. Excellent customer service, excellent product and quick delivery.

Too tight

I ordered a size 7 for my husband who followed the sizing information on the website. Unfortunately the ring was a bit snug due to the width and therefore unwearable so needed to be returned.
The returns process was simple but would be nice to be offered free returns as I’ve now spent roughly £10 on postage for this ring and the order of another in the next size up.

Although the width of the ring is listed at the bottom of the page I think it would have been extremely helpful to have included it with the sizing instructions as others may want/need to size up for a better fit therefore having this info in one place much better for the customer

Great ring, but sadly a little loose to my liking.

Bought this ring and it's an amazing colour and pattern. Ordered a size W but was just a tad too loose (my mistake so still worth a 5 star). Sent the item back yesterday which should hopefully be traded for 1 size smaller. Hopefully the ring is a bit more of a snug fit! Loving the other ring which I ordered and hopefully fits just as well (fingers crossed) 🙂

Perfect for ‘ the job’

Great little product and can’t believe i’ve not bought sooner. As an operational police dog handler these rings are invaluable. So many times i have caught my metal ring and been so close to a serious accident. Thanks guys!

Great looking rings and perfect for our lifestyle

Beautiful design and a lovely fit for my wife, I decided to buy a men's ring to wear to work as I can't wear my usual ring due to health and safety issues. Very happy with both purchases and they look fantastic. Will purchase some more again in the near future.

Great fit

Good fit very comfortable brilliant price delivery good .

Product hasn’t arrived 🙁

Product still hasn’t arrived after ordering over a week ago and paying extra to get it sooner for an anniversary gift 🙁

Silicone ring

Due to working with heavy stone and the risk of crushing. I was really pleased to find a safe alternative to a conventional wedding ring.

Amazing ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Exactly what I wanted to replace my wedding ring for everyday use & exercise, this keeps my original gold ring looking brand new when worn. The size was spot on & it’s feels very comfortable, the silicone has a great quality to it. Highly recommend this product.

Exactly what was wanted!

Husband wanted a another wedding ring he would be able to wear for work. He stopped wearing his actual wedding ring, due to what he does for a living, there is a real risk of a de-gloving injury. Been waiting for months for his size to come in and now he’s got it, he loves it and exactly what he wanted. Thank you Botthms.

Top notch gear

I spend a lot of time on hotels and this product is portable and great to use. Brilliant product.


Really impressed thought the might look cheap and tacky but quitd the opposite look really good and so comfortable to wear . My wife wants one now

Seems quality

Look very good but a bit early to tell if they will last, however they look quality and I am really pleased with my purchase.


Great product. Hated my metal wedding band but live this silicone ring. Hardly nitce i have it on. Looks great on andnfeels awesome. As a chef i truely recomemd this product.

Didn't fit as hoped

After using all 3 of the sizing guides supplied on the website, I gave my wife the ring and unfortunately it was too big.
Gutted! So have had to send back and hope the smaller size will fit her better.


I cannot recommend enough.. gyms all closed over lock down, I was reluctant at first, but money well spent. Great range of work outs and you can easily adapt the intensity to suit. Comes with a work out guide and the door anchor is great too. The quality of the product is great too and comes with a handy carry bag. Fast delivery too. Great product!

Great Resistance Bands

After buying a set off Amazon with very good reviews I had to return them due to the material that attaches to the handle arrived torn and split making the handle unusable..I returned them and as all the bands on Amazon appear to be Chinese made generic badged names at varying prices decided not to chance it.
I came across this site and after reading all the reviews decided to chance it.
Upon receiving the bands I noticed it said made in China on the box so immediately thought would be the same as the Amazon ones.
How wrong can you be.The material connecting to the handles seem twice as thick and strong and the ankle straps are padded.
Only had a few weeks but going by the quality should last.
The delivery was quick and I was informed by email and messages on the progress.
Buy these you will not be disappointed..

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