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Resistance Bands Exercises

Resistance bands are the unsung heroes when it comes to building muscle at home or even just toning. Although they do have their downsides against other exercise apparatus such as free weights, they are extremely effective at what they do. Providing the extra steps to boost your progress and challenging your muscles along the way. They do it in a way that's totally unique too, which is why you need the right upper body resistance band workout to get it done, too. Here is a view of our top resistance bands exercises.

1. Thruster

Thruster Resistance Bands Exercise

2. Arm Curls

Arm Curl Resistance Bands Exercise

3. Standing Chest Press

Standing Chest Pressr Resistance Bands Exercise

4. Chest Fly

Chest Fly Resistance Bands Exercise


1. 1-Arm Lat Pulldown

2. Lat Pulldowns


3. Triceps


4. Tricep Extensions

5. Shoulder Press

6. Upright Row

7. Face Pull

8. Shoulder Rotation

9. Pulldowns

10. Front/Side Raises


1. Seated Row

seated row

2. Standing Back Fly


3. Bent-Over Raises

4. Bent-Over Rows


1. Squat

2. Kick Backs

3. Romanian Deadlift

4. Hamstring Curls

5. Abduction

6. Abduction


7. Hip Flexor

8. Kickbacks


9. Pull Through


10. Lunges


11. Hip Flexor



1. Side Bend


2. Lunges


3. Reverse Wood Chop


4. Kneeling Crunch