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Construction Silicone Rings

Working with your hands in construction means that your fingers are going to come across a lot of uneven surfaces. Sometimes in a split second, instinctive decisions need to be made to avoid falling, or to avoid being hit by machinery. That means that your fingers need to be safe. There is no better way to keep your fingers safe than with our silicone rings. That’s because if your ring gets snagged on an uneven nail, it will stretch and eventually give way. It will break so that your finger does not.

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The number one reason electricians did not wear a traditional metal wedding band is due to the conductive nature of the rings.  Since electricians work with electric every day, having metal on their body didn’t make much sense.  Silicone rubber is non-conductive.  Rubber is a natural insulator and prohibits the transfer of electricity.

Construction Silicone Rings


Construction workers also fear finger avulsion. If you are unfamiliar, finger avulsion is where a wedding ring can cause serious damage by being able to be removed or not breaking at a tensile strength that will break your finger. Sounds bad right?  It is, and an easy way to prevent this is to simply wear a rubber wedding ring that will tear away at specific tensile strengths.