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Mike Brown

Mike Brown is a 33-year-old England international rugby player that holds the club record for the most appearances in the professional era for Harlequins. He is the first athlete we interviewed about his foundings on the new botthms Super Hit Master. And this is what he has to say.

I had been testing some massage guns over the last month but none of them really worked. After that, I used the Super Hit from botthms and I can 100% guarantee that this is by far the best massage gun I have ever come across and used. The technology that has gone into this device is just unbelievable for instance Voice Broadcasting technology that makes sure you are using the correct tool and intelligent bone recognition that helps bone protection. However, these are just some of the fixtures that set this device apart from anyone out there. Above all the smart screen display just completes this device. In other words, I would highly recommend this device to anyone out there.

In conclusion, Mike Brown has been recovering from a long term injury and therefore was looking for some sort of recovery tool he can use while being in lockdown and has limited access to physio treatment.

I can only confirm how great this tool is and how much it has assisted me in getting some much needed treatment and recovery after rehab sessions at home!


My suggestion why you need the Super Hit Master

  • Assist in muscular recovery
  • Improvement in your range of motion and flexibility
  • Improving blood flow supply to muscles
  • Ease the pain associated with soft tissue damage
  • Enhance muscle responsiveness
  • Improve Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness(DOMS)
  • Release and reduce lactate in the body

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