Adam Bishop

Adam Bishop, a part-time strongman, is a Senior Strength & Conditioning Coach for the Harlequins Rugby Team. He joined as a volunteer during their title-winning campaign back in 2011/2012 and is now the club’s senior strength and conditioning coach. And also, officially, Britain’s Strongest Man.

Claiming the British title last month marked the culmination of a decade-long dream for the 6ft 3in, 22 stone Bishop. Having come second by a point-and-a-half the previous year.

Botthms grip socks give me this solid connection between my feet and the floor ensuring every last bit of force is transferred through the floor when I lift improving performance and avoiding injury.” 

This is what Adam Bishop has to see say about the botthms grip socks he uses.

“When competing I need to ensure I maintain a stable base especially while deadlifting. It is essential to have a solid footing as I transfer large amounts for force into the ground when lifting uploads over 1000lbs.”

Adam Bishop Winning Britian Strongest Man

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